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The Voice of Payment Institutions across Europe


The European Payment Institutions Federation (EPIF) is based on:

  • A clear governance structure.
  • A broad membership representing all business models of the payment institutions sector.
  • Active working committees representing the interests of its members.
  • A clear identity with visibility in the industry and recognition by its peer associations.
  • An outsourced Secretariat based in Brussels accountable to the EPIF Board, ensures interests of all members and business models are taken into account.

The General Meeting is the main governing body of the association. Its primary functions are to:

  • Determine annual membership fees and approve budgets and accounts.
  • Elect, oversee and discharge the Board.
  • Determine the main objectives and priorities for EPIF.
  • Adopt changes to the Statutes and internal rules of procedure.
  • Appoint persons to represent EPIF with externally in the relevant bodies and fora.

The Executive Board's responsibilities include:

  • Act as the day-to-day decision-making body for all EPIF activities and operations.
  • Ensure a fair representation of all PI business models and interests within EPIF.

The Board appoints from its members a Chairman and a Deputy Chairman, together with a Treasurer for three-year terms of office. For more details on the Board, click here on the link to the Statutes and the Rules of Internal Procedures.

EPIF has one working group:

The Technical Committee shares and exchanges information on practical aspects of implementation of EU legislation, technical standards and market access issues. The Committee meets regularly to exchange views, form common positions, exchange best practice and provide a wealth of information It also ensures that EPIF policies and activities are consistent with EU competition rules.

The Executive Steering Committee regularly brings together the senior executives of its members’ companies.

The other Board members are:



 For further information please contact:info@paymentinstitutions.eu

  • Association services are performed by an independent Secretariat which provides pre-agreed commercial services to its members. Among others, it has responsibility for association management, membership administration and website management.

The Secretariat is performed by Afore Consulting. The three main contacts are:

Please find the link to the EPIF StatutesRules of Internal Procedure, EPIF Brochure and EPIF Presentation.

EPIF registered offices are at:

  • Chaussée d'Alsemberg/Alsembergsesteenweg, 999,
    B-1180 Brussels

You can contact the EPIF Secretariat c/o Afore Consulting:

  • Rue de la Science 14B,
    B-1040 Brussels
    0032 (0)2 588 13 03