The white paper presents the results of a collaborative study by Payvision, a member of EPIF, and which indicate a general reluctance by Western merchants to tackle emerging markets in the East. From these results the white paper identifies and explores the key business drivers and opportunities in cross-border E-commerce for online merchants in emerging markets.

Cheng Liem Li, of Payvision, shared his thoughts on this publication in a blogpost in which he comments upon the remarkable result of the study which concluded that despite the many alternative payment methods, credit cards remain the preferred method of payment in ecommerce. Moreover, he remarks on the reluctance of Western merchants to expand in the East.

In addition, Payvision has provided infographics which present the online shopping behaviour across several emerging markets. They provide a useful and easily comprehensible visual of the payment processing trends and business opportunities for payment service providers and global acquiring banks, interested in international expansion.