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EPIF is organising a workshop on SCA implementation on 21st May in Brussels.

The workshop will bring together EPIF members, other representatives of PSPs and the card schemes on the one hand, with the representatives of the merchant community (both from EU and Member State level) on the other.

The objective of this workshop are to:

  • To take stock on the readiness and preparedness for the implementation of SCA by PSP, card schemes, the merchant community, SMEs and consumers with regards to the implementation of SCA.
  • To focus on the concrete challenges and the concerns that still exist when it comes to the implementation of SCA
  • To identify any remaining regulatory or policy challenges that are impacting the implementation of SCA.
  • To allow the European Commission and national competent authorities to respond to the points and policy recommendations raised by the workshop.

Should you be interested in participating please send an email to: info@paymentinstitutions.eu