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EPIF comments on the FATF draft guidance for private sector information sharing

EPIF members, and in particular our members representing the MVST sector, would like to express our appreciation to the FATF for seeking the industry’s comments on this important set of guidelines. When preparing its submission the EPIF membership carefully reviewed the separate draft response by Western Union to this consultation and has decided to lend its support to this paper.

We would therefore like to document that Western Union’s submission has the support of the wider EPIF membership and should also be read by the FATF as EPIF’s submission to this consultation. We have attached for your convenience the text submitted by Western Union. EPIF stands ready to answer any further questions you might have and looks forward to the continued close cooperation with the FATF Secretariat.

Published on: 03/08/2017

Latest Reports & Studies

Payvision White Paper: Future Trends in Consumer Behavior

On 31st March Payvision launched  latest white paper, Future Trends in Consumer Behavior.

This paper aims to educate retailers on the preferences of our largest and youngest consumer base, millennials and generation Z. The data shows that digital natives still value in-store shopping as much as domestic and cross-border ecommerce, so omnichannel will be even more important to merchants by 2020, and beyond.

They’ve explored the latest tech that will facilitate consumer behavior:

  • VR and AR to unite online and in-store experiences
  • Blockchain for real-time cross-border payments
  • Machine learning and AI for personalization through data

And lots more!

Published on: 05/04/2017
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