EPIF is unique

EPIF is unique in bringing together experts in various aspects of the non-bank payment sector from diverse business models.  This depth and breadth of knowledge has enabled EPIF to develop a reputation as the go-to federation on innovative payments.

Access a powerful network

Through the active Technical Committee meetings and the task forces, members meet regularly to exchange views, form common positions, reply to consultations and exchange best practice.  There are also separate outreaches for senior executives of Member companies.

Profile raising

Membership of EPIF gives companies access to a forum which has the reputation as the leading non-bank payments federation. Members’ logos, events and documents can be included on the EPIF website to enhance visibility and peer recognition. EPIF members are also invited to participate and speak at industry conferences and seminars both in Europe and internationally.

Daily regulatory and policy updates

EPIF members receive a daily update on developments in the payment sector at the EU level, policy developments along with a brief assessment and potential market impacts, relevant events and publications. These emails are succinct with links as appropriate to the key regulatory texts.

Participate in the EU standard setting and regulatory debate

EPIF is a member of the European Payments Council (EPC) and the European Retail Payments Board (ERPB). EPIF members also participate in the European Commission’s Payment Systems market Expert Group (PSMEG) and the PSD2 Stakeholder Liaison Group at the Payment Systems Regulator (UK). Through membership of these bodies, EPIF members meet with other stakeholders in the European standard setting process on payments (banks, merchants, users and regulators). EPIF also meets regularly with the FATF.

Information and Positioning

EPIF adopts positions on a wide range of issues relevant to members. This has included the regulation of payment services, AML, fraud, FinTech, anti-terrorism financing, Data Privacy and the retail financial services. On occasions, EPIF has sent cross-industry letters to the European Commission and European Parliament.

Be part of the voice of the non-bank payments industry.

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