EPIF is delighted to share with you its response to the EBA Consultation on the amendment to its technical standards on strong customer authentication and secure communication in relation to the 90-day exemption for account access.

EPIF welcomes the EBA initiative to reassess some of the practical issues around Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in the context of account access for Open Banking purposes.

EPIF believes that the proposal moves in the right direction and agrees with the EBA that Article 10 has led to both undesirable implications for third-party providers, as well as a divergent practice in its application. Our experience of the 90-day renewal of SCA rule has proven cumbersome and has dissuaded customers from using AIS services on an ongoing basis. The new mandatory exemption would create a level playing field in Europe, which will be good for business (same rules across all European countries) and for customers (same services across all European countries).