We would like to thank the European Commission for the opportunity of commenting on the Public  consultation  on  the  operations  of  the  European  Supervisory  Authorities. EPIF would hope that  the  ESA  review  will  provide  the  opportunity  to  implement  the  following  three suggestions:

  •  The  EBA  Regulation  should  enshrine  binding  wording  giving  the  EBA  a  clear mandate  to  promote  supervisory  convergence  between  the  national  competent authorities  responsible  for  overseeing  payment  institutions  and  to  coordinate  policy issues  between  ‘home’  and  ‘host’  state  supervisors.  If  appropriate,  this  should  also include  the  continued  ability  to  adopt  Technical  Regulatory  Standards,  develop guidance or oversee a mediation mechanism;
  • In  line  with  other  sectors  and  activities  falling  under  the  remit  of  the  EBA  and  the other  respective  European  Supervisory  Authorities,  the  EBA  should  convene  a Stakeholder Group representing the payment institution sector. This Group should be consulted on all aspects of the EBA’s work in relation to payments, including its work carried out as part of the Joint Committee.
  • Finally, appropriate resources should be made available to the EBA to carry out its above functions effectively.