EPIFis deligted to be hosting a panel on Blockchain on 15th March in Brussels.

The European Payment Institutions Federation (EPIF) has organised a panel discussion on blockchain technology. This will take place on 15th March from 11.00-12.30 at Rue de la Science 14B.

The objective of the discussion is to explain what is blockchain technology as well as exploring its application and impact upon to financial services broadly and payments more specifically, the potential benefits and risks and the regulatory response.

The panel will be comprised of:

  • MEP Jakob Von Weizsäcker – Rapporteur of the European Parliament’s own initiative report on virtual currencies
  • Peter Randall – CEO of SETL
  • Nick Telford Reed – Director of Technology Innovation at Worldpay
  • Henrique di Lorenzo Pires – Innovation manager at UL transaction Security
  • Kaj Burchardi –  Managing Director at Boston Consulting – Platinion NewYork
Published on: 30/03/2016
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