EPIF is delighted to announce the establishment of a new Standards Task Force. This Task Force is responsible for providing advice, guidance and, where needed, instructions to EPIF’s external representatives related to preparing EPIF’s positions in relation to these initiatives and ensuring that these positions are aligned, while operating within EPIF’s corporate governance framework and applicable competition laws. In particular, the Task Force is responsible for facilitating EPIF’s work on the API Evaluation Group.

The Task Force will also include a subgroup dedicated to following the work of the Commission’s API Evaluation Group, on which EPIF has a seat.

EPIF currently has four Task Forces. In addition to standards, these cover the implementation of the Payment Services Directive, anti-money laundering and terrorism financing and EU policy around data.

Pascal Brien, PayPal, was elected Chair of the Standards Task Force: “I am delighted we are creating a dedicated Committee looking at and coordinating our position across all the work streams in which we are involved be it the Euro Retail Payments Board, the European Payments Council and the various Commission stakeholder groups”.


Published on: 05/12/2018