Earlier this year, EPIF was represented at the Afore Consulting 2nd Annual Conference on FinTech & Digital Innovation: Regulation at the EU level and beyond. The event brought together senior speakers including the Vice President of the European Commission Valdis Domvrovskis and Yves Mersch, Board Member of the ECB. Chloe MacEwen, Vice Chair of EPIF, speaking on a panel exploring data use and data sharing for optimising RegTech stressed how EPIF’s members are investing heavily in new technologies. This contributes to the effective compliance and enforcement of EU regulation.

Chloe MacEwan: “We welcome the increasing expectations by EU policy makers to fight fraud and anti-money laundering. The Second Payment Services Directive opens the way for industry to draw on its extensive risk management techniques which in turn ensures customers can still experience a smooth payment experience without compromising on security.  Requiring regular and repeated strong customer authentication should only be a last resort measure.’  


Published on: 04/12/2018