EPIF welcomes the European Central Bank Governing Council’s announcement to proceed to the preparation phase of the digital euro. This new phase will focus on the testing and experimentation to develop a digital euro, as well as the finalization of the important digital euro Rulebook.

EPIF very much welcomes this preparatory phase that will pave the way for the possible issuance of the digital euro. As an active stakeholder in the Digital Euro Rulebook Development Group, our members look forward to continuing a close cooperation with the ECB to ensure a digital euro that is fit-for purpose, convenient and user friendly.

Elie Beyrouthy, Chair of EPIF, commented: “EPIF is a strong supporter of the digital euro. The members of EPIF are well placed to promote the distribution and acceptance of the digital euro and build new business solutions on the back of this new payment rail. The design features of the digital euro need to reflect the current competition and choice in the payment market which has been instrumental to making Europe a global leader in modern payments.”

You can read our full press release on the new phase of the digital euro project, as well as our position paper on the digital euro, below.

Published on: 23/10/2023