EPIF has taken the lead on a further joint industry letter to the EBA on SCA Implementation.

We jointly share the goal of a harmonised EU implementation of SCA. In a first instance we have therefore called on the EBA to use its suasion to encourage all NCAs to communicate publicly that they will adopt a flexible approach to the implementation of SCA and give industry scope beyond the 14 September deadline.

We suggest this deadline for operational application of SCA should be in 18 months EU wide.

The coalition is now exploring whether we can agree on proposals for an EU-wide implementation roadmap.

The letter has been co-signed by:

  • European Payment Institutions Federation (EPIF)
  • European Association of Payments Service Providers For Merchants (EPSM)
  • European Banking Federation (EBF)
  • European Hotel Forum (EHF)
  • Ecommerce Europe
  • EuroCommerce
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
Published on: 04/09/2019