EPIF is delighted to share with you a joint industry statement that we have prepared on SCA Implementation.

With this statement we would like to express support of the goals of SCA to reduce fraud and increase consumer trust in electronic payments. However, we would like to reiterate that a migration towards SCA requires significant changes for all participants in the payments industry and they would need sufficient time to implement resilient systems that comply with the new requirements.

The co-signatories welcome the EBA Opinion on SCA that permits NCAs to grant a degree of flexibility in the practical implementation of SCA requirements. However, we would like to stress that it is important that NCAs align on industry readiness with an agreed European wide roadmap.

We believe the payment ecosystem needs a transition period of at least 18 months and perhaps longer for certain Sectors and in clearly defined use cases, with key milestones and clear and consistent metrics.

The co-signatories would like to encourage authorities to reach a consensus on a common European roadmap and a common European deadline before the 14th September 2019.

This statement has been co-signed by:

  • European Association of Payments Service Providers For Merchants (EPSM)
  • European Tourism Association (ETOA)
  • European Hotel Forum (EHF)
  • European Payment Institutions Federation (EPIF)
  • Ecommerce Europe
  • EuroCommerce
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
Published on: 01/08/2019