VocaLink White Paper: SCT INST: IS IT SEPA 2.0?

VocaLink, an EPIFobserver, has published a White Paper on Instant Payments. The White Paper explores what will happen to SEPA after Instant Payments becomes a reality. It considers how Instant Payments may eventually become the "new normal! for Europe or "SEPA 2.0", how this convergence to SCT Inst will affect the stakeholders and what levers [...]


ACAPTURE White Paper: Payments Optimisation

This paper explains the ways in which merchants can simplify payments optimization processes. The paper takes into account credit cards as well as the increasing number of alternative payment methods to determine which generate the best conversion rate results.


Committee on Payments and Markets Infrastructure (CPMI) study on the role of non-banks in retail payment services

The Committee on Payments and Markets Infrastructures (CPMI) published a study on the role of non-banks in retail payments services and analyses the repercussions that the emergence of these entities has had on the retail payments industry. The report, conducted by central bankers, revealed a significant presence of non-banks in all stages of the payment process and [...]


Tackling Internet Payment Security

The paper on Tackling Internet Payment Security is a paper co-written by PayVision and Innopay and presents an insight to the SecuRe Pay Forum Recommendations. Either than the observations on these Recommendations, the paper also provides insights for professionals in the online payments industry.


The Paypers (Volume 7, Issue 4)

The Paypers published on 4th May 2014 (Volume 7, Issue 4) its monthly paper focusing on updates related to SEPA. The paper discusses three main points: Regarding the ECB Secure Pay Recommendations for the Security of Internet Payments, more clarity is needed. It is also essential to take into consideration the lack of a level playing field and [...]


Key Business Drivers and Opportunities in Cross-Border eCommerce

PayVision prepared a report in 2013 on cross-border eCommerce. This was the result of a global survey conducted in 2013 which included acquirers, merchant service providers, payment service providers and online merchants. The objective of the global survey was to identify and quantify the business drivers and challenges which stakeholders face across the online payment [...]


Digital Identity service providers – Connecting the fragmented e-identity market

Digital identity service providers are an evolutionary expansion of the e-identity ecosystem. The goal of this report is to identify the risks in e-identity and find balanced solutions. More particularly, the report focuses on an analysis of the following points: Trusting the electronic identity; Identifying the internet challenges on the identification process; The fragmentation that [...]

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