PayVision White Paper: Profitable Omnichannel Retail

PayVision, an EPIF member, has shared with us their latest White Paper on Proftable Omnichannel Retail which provides an honest assessment of omnichannel which recognises that, despite the hype around the topic, the practical implementation is proving more difficult and merchants are less enthused. For more insight on omnichannels, provided through interviews and case studies, [...]


ACAPTURE White Paper: Payments Optimisation

This paper explains the ways in which merchants can simplify payments optimization processes. The paper takes into account credit cards as well as the increasing number of alternative payment methods to determine which generate the best conversion rate results.


Payvision White Paper: International Expansion into Emerging Markets 2014

The white paper presents the results of a collaborative study by Payvision, a member of EPIF, and which indicate a general reluctance by Western merchants to tackle emerging markets in the East. From these results the white paper identifies and explores the key business drivers and opportunities in cross-border E-commerce for online merchants in [...]

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