EPIF welcomes the agreement on instant credit transfers in euros

EPIF welcomes the agreement reached between the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union on the Regulation on instant credit transfers in euro. This agreement represents an important step to ensure the reachability of instant payments across the EU and has a crucial role in fostering an innovative pan-European Single Market that delivers [...]


EPIF welcomes the new preparation phase of the digital euro

EPIF welcomes the European Central Bank Governing Council’s announcement to proceed to the preparation phase of the digital euro. This new phase will focus on the testing and experimentation to develop a digital euro, as well as the finalization of the important digital euro Rulebook. EPIF very much welcomes this preparatory phase that will pave [...]


EPIF welcomes the Digital Euro proposal

On 28 June 2023, the European Commission adopted the highly expected legislative proposal on the digital euro. EPIF welcomes this proposal which is an important step in bringing legal clarity to a highly complex project. Elie Beyrouthy, EPIF Chair, commented: “EPIF members welcome the introduction of any new payment solution that allows the industry to respond [...]


EPIF welcomes the new Open Finance proposal

On 28 June, the European Commission adopted a new proposal on Financial Data Access (Open Finance). Our members welcome its ambition to leverage the data economy to enhance growth and innovation in the financial sector. Elie Beyrouthy, EPIF Chair, commented: “This legislative proposal is a logical evolution of the open banking framework in the Payment [...]


EPIF welcomes the new PSD3/PSR proposals

On 28 June 2023, the European Commission adopted its new legislative proposals revising the EU's payment services framework. The new framework incorporates a revised Directive (PSD3) and a new Regulation (PSR). Elie Beyrouthy, EPIF Chair, commented: “EPIF welcomes these important legislative proposals that reflect the evolving landscape of the European payments market. EPIF grew out [...]


EPIF 7th Annual Conference

On 15 November, EPIF held its 7th Annual Conference "Making the seamless payments experience a reality".  The Conference brought together over 250 policy-makers and industry participants who shared their views on the European payments sector, the comprehensive legislative agenda for the upcoming year and expectations for future developments in the payments space. Please find below [...]


EPIF welcomes the European Commission proposal on Instant Credit Transfers

EPIF welcomes the proposal by the European Commission on instant credit transfers in euros. This proposal is an essential element of the EU’s Retail Payments Strategy and EPIF members have always supported the efforts by the European Commission to foster pan-European initiatives. New initiatives based on instant payments will increase competition in the Single Market [...]


European Payment Institutions Federation (EPIF) reaffirms leadership

The European Payment Institutions Federation (EPIF), at its Annual General Meeting on 23 June 2020, re-elected Elie Beyrouthy of American Express as Chair of the Board for a further three years. The election was unanimous. Reacting to his appointment, Elie Beyrouthy said: “EPIF continues to go from strength to strength demonstrating thought leadership across a [...]

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